With the World being a very complex and and overwhelming place, the ability for each of us to focus on something “closer to home” is imperative. This, along with strong Judaeo and Christian values, was the imputes for the creation of our Republic.

It’s way past the time that Americans (heck, the world) puts down the social media, sporting events, music, video games etc before the world “prison planet” is complete. Once the full scope of the surveillance grid and tracking mechanisms are implemented, you can kiss any semblance of Liberty goodbye. Then, it will be too late.

I by no means have all of the answers but I’ll do my best to compile those areas which I, and many others, have been aware of for quite some time now. Some for decades…


It’s been said a lot, family is everything…and it’s true. While there are many individuals out there that could argue against this, and rightly so, it is those families that are true to one another and God that make it work.

Local Community Sustainability

Local Farms

Local Banks

Local Businesses

Self Governance

Our Republic was founded upon this. Without it, without a consistent involvement from all Americans in this process, we will always be headed towards enslavement by those that WILL do it. IF you feel that those in power have your best interest in mind, you seriously need to wake up.