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CBDC – Their True Agenda

If you think that the Central Banks (aka Private Bankers) have nothing but good in mind regarding their issuance of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), than you need to expand your knowledge. Here’s the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) General Manager Augustín Carstens discussing CBDCs at 2020 IMF panel. They literally want to a) know…

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China Creates AI Prosecutor That Detects Guilt or Innocence

Should this surprise anyone? The development and activation of these types of systems are accelerating, especially in unitary states like China. Furthermore, integration of AI in every aspect of our society will only take out the human element to the decision making process, and quite possibly, a majority of our daily interactions. MBM

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Fed’s largest land management agency relocates to rural Colorado

Interesting…an agency that is NOT supposed to exist and is unconstitutional, is moving to be closer to the land that they CONTROL….unconstitutionally. What is the true meaning behind the move….. From the Interior Department Press Release BLM Headquarters Office Media Contact: August 10, 2020   The Bureau of Land Management’s… Fed’s largest land management agency relocates to rural…

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