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James Otis: Firebrand of the Revolution – Born Today in History

From Michael Boldin’s Friday email: Thanks to government-run “education,” few people today know the name James Otis, Jr. – born Feb 5, 1725 – whose 5 hour oration against the Writs of Assistance in 1761 sparked the flames of liberty. This was such an important speech that “American Independence was then & there born.”As Dave Benner wrote, …

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SB-871 Public Health: Immunizations

Pure evil. Children, well, pretty much everyone, have no chance of serious complications coming out of “Covid-19”. Heck, the likelihood is essentially ZERO but they want to jab into the population a pure experimental concoction that has been proven to cause death and serious life long disabilities. They want nothing but CONTROL over you.

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CBDC – Their True Agenda

If you think that the Central Banks (aka Private Bankers) have nothing but good in mind regarding their issuance of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), than you need to expand your knowledge. Here’s the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) General Manager Augustín Carstens discussing CBDCs at 2020 IMF panel. They literally want to a) know…

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