“Domestic” Terrorism

Nowadays, every red blooded American could be classified as a “terrorist” to those in power. As Joanna Martin so poignantly stated in her recent blog post, “We live in a time when Christians who read the Bible; People who read the Constitution; and Moms who speak out at School Board meetings against pornography in the schools, mask mandates, or the teaching of critical race theory, are labeled “domestic terrorists”.”

While we know that nationalistic pride alone is not a classification for terror groups, it IS a threat to tyrannical, Leftist governments who’s intentions are clearly to dismember this Republic, one block at a time.

Below are some of the most notable events in recent history, involving Federal overreach against citizens of this Republic.

Sagebrush Rebellionhttps://www.hcn.org/articles/sagebrush-rebellion

Lavoy Finicum – Occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge https://onecowboystandforfreedom.com/

Cliven & Ammon Bundy – Bundy Standoff https://www.ammonbundy.com/

Randy & Sarah Weaver – Ruby Ridge https://www.rubyridgetofreedom.com/

Dwight and Steven Hammond – Arson Convictions https://redoubtnews.com/2018/01/shocking-conscience-hammond-story/

Recently, the current administration’s National Security Council issued the following document: National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism. They claim it to be related to the Jan 6th event at the capital but those that have followed the trend within the federal government and its Leftist members for any amount of time know that this is just another piece of their overall plan to take down the opposition. Americans that believe in holding government accountable and at the same time, reducing the size of it, are clearly in their sights.

Freedom’s Cry: Stand By Me