SB-871 Public Health: Immunizations

Pure evil. Children, well, pretty much everyone, have no chance of serious complications coming out of "Covid-19". Heck, the likelihood is essentially ZERO but they want to jab into the population a pure experimental concoction that has been proven to cause death and serious life long disabilities. They want nothing but CONTROL over you.

China Creates AI Prosecutor That Detects Guilt or Innocence

Should this surprise anyone? The development and activation of these types of systems are accelerating, especially in unitary states like China. Furthermore, integration of AI in every aspect of our society will only take out the human element to the decision making process, and quite possibly, a majority of our daily interactions. MBM

Tyranny Theory, by A.T. —

It’s been said that left to itself, government will naturally devolve into tyranny.1 The natural tendency of government is to continue to grow and bloat ever larger, to the point that the state has almost complete control over every aspect of the individual’s life. Freedom often dies a slow death by a thousand cuts. The… via …

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