Administrative State

“The expert agency tasked with important governing functions through loosely drawn statutes that empower unelected officials to undertake such important matters as preventing ‘unfair competition’, granting licenses as ‘the public interest, convenience or necessity’ will indicate, maintaining a ‘fair and orderly market,’ and so forth.” – John Rohr

The Administrative State within the US Government consists of numerous entities that contain ALL THREE BRANCHES of our Federal government under ONE roof. They have the ability to write “laws”, adjudicate and enforce them. There are no, or little, checks and balances when it comes to operating in this manner. Additionally, these entities are not allowable under our Federal Constitution and are a way for more centralized control by those in power.

Federal Agencies1

Bureau of Land Management (BLM) –

Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) –

Department of Education (ED) –

Department of Energy (DOE) –

  1. See more extensive list of agencies here.