National/Global ID

World Bank Group’s Identification for Development (ID4D) initiative can *be found here. The document lists as its goal “…ID4D is for all people to be able to access services and exercise their rights, enabled by digital identification. This will be achieved by supporting countries to build inclusive and trusted identification systems, including civil registration, using multi-sectoral approaches and appropriately leveraging innovative digital and other solutions.”

Here is a 4-Part, well researched series titled “The Global Landscape on Vaccine ID Passports” written by Corey Lynn of I’ll start with her intro interview regarding the new series, which can be found here.

And here is part 1 of the series. Follow the links at the bottom of part 1 to the remaining 3 parts.

During this initial interview between Corey and Catherine Austin Fitts, Corey has the following to say about everything she has learned. “This is about much more than just a “vaccine ID passport,” it is about getting you a QR code for a digital identity that will eventually go onto the blockchain where they will trace, track, and monitor your every move in order to control your health records, all personal records, housing, jobs, food, access to establishments, transportation, and the financial system. They want total control over you.”

If that doesn’t make you situp and think, not sure what will. –

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